Working From Home

I’m a stay-at-home mom. Originally not by choice, but with having 2 babies in 11 months, it became a necessity for our family. Even though I originally didn’t think I would enjoy being home all day with no one to talk to about “adult” stuff, I’ve grown into my role and enjoy being able to spend all this time with my babies (who really aren’t babies anymore, sniff-sniff).

But I still wanted to do something. It was around that time that I kept hearing about Stella & Dot and all the gorgeous jewelry. After attending an event, meeting a stylist, and seeing her passion for the product and the company, my wheels started spinning. I learned that Stella & Dot is a social selling company that creates flexible opportunities for women to be work-from-home entrepreneurs. You make your own hours. You put in what you want out of it. This was what I had been looking for…something that allowed me the flexibility to stay home during the day, but the ability to still earn an income & have fun while doing it!

I’m telling you all this because I’m obviously a fan of this job in part due to it’s flexibility (there’s the bling, too, of course). And I truly admire companies who afford their employees flexibility to help promote productivity, creativity, innovation, and a solid work-life balance. I know that it’s not always possible to let people work from home but when Yahoo’s CEO recently took a hard line on this issue, I was even more grateful than before to work for such a great company that promotes those core values I believe in. I truly admire my CEO and founder, Jessica Herrin, and her vision. I especially applaud her take on the Yahoo decision.

Stella & Dot is unique in that it is a home-based, social-selling business. And I love the flexibility I get from it. Think you might be interested? Check out this video and contact me. I love this job and I love sharing it with others even more!

Happy accessorizing!

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2 Responses to Working From Home

  1. I love Stella and Dot jewelry, they’re all so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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