TV and Fashion

I was obsessed with Gossip Girl. Granted, the show had gotten a little ridiculous in recent seasons (or the whole time…don’t judge!) but the fashion, the fashion! It was such a fun show to watch as they were always (realistically, I’m sure) getting dressed up to go to a huge event. Even when they were just “hanging out” the fashion was crazy. So yes, I watched Gossip Girl for the fashion. And a little bit for the crazy storylines and mindless entertainment it provided. And a little bit more because I knew it drove my husband crazy.

Gossip Girl Fashion

Now with Gossip Girl leaving the airwaves I finally thought (and I think my husband hoped) that the CW and I would part ways. But then this other little show started…The Carrie Diaries. 80s fashion with a young Carrie Bradshaw. So, yeah, I’m not going anywhere.

It’s not just corny, probably-made-for-an-audience-10-years-younger-than-me type shows I watch for the fashion, I also watch some reality tv to get my fashion fix. I love, love, love Project Runway and have so since season 1. I’m such a dedicated fan I even watch the spin-offs (Project Runway All-Stars, and Project Accessory). I’m also a big fan of Fashion Star, which had it’s season 2 premiere recently. These shows on the surface seem pretty similar but I love that they really take aim at two different aspects of the fashion world. PR is focused on the designer and what he/she creates in a given situation. FS is about challenges, but they have to take into account retail merchandising, marketing, and the buyers. Both shows are fascinating.

I can’t believe I’m going to ask this because lord knows I don’t need to start watching anything else, but… Do you watch any shows strictly for the fashion? What are your favorites?

Happy tv viewing!

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