Spring Break

I’m not going anywhere for spring break. And, as a side note, where is spring, anyway? It’s certainly not in Minnesota. I guess that’s why so many people leave Minny this time of year…

If I were, I would maybe go here.


Or here.

Bora BoraBora Bora

Or here…

CaribbeanSomewhere in the Caribbean (all pictures courtesy of google images)

Do you see a trend? Sun. Water. Beach. Is that asking too much?

All this wishful traveling has me thinking about what I would pack…yes, I’m sure I’d have a sundress or two, a few swimsuits, some lounge wear, a good book…but most importantly a LOT of jewels. Bright, beautiful, brilliant, bedazzling jewels!

Where are you going? If you are staying home, where do you wish you were going? And what are you packing?

See more of these exotic, beautiful, wishful-thinking vacation spots on my Pinterest account (on the board “Around the World“).

Happy traveling…or “dream traveling” if you’re like me!

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I like all things pretty--fashion, words, images, ideas.
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