Layering Love

I’m getting tired of sweaters and that’s saying something considering I love and wear them year round.

But as we (slowly) move into the springtime months, I’m ready to show my arms a little (and all that arm candy I’ll be wearing) and pack up the wool. Even though it’s still sweater weather in Minnesota, at least it’s light sweater weather. Yes, there’s a difference.

Layering Stella & Dot gold pieces (Piper, Tree of Life, and Rebel Pendant Necklaces)

Layering Stella & Dot gold pieces (Tree of LIfe and Piper Necklaces and Nahla Earrings)

Pictured (in both): Piper Necklace, Tree of Life Necklace, Rebel Pendant Necklace, and Limited Edition Nahla Earrings

I like lighter sweaters because I can wear long delicate necklaces without them getting lost in all that material. And since I love to layer my necklaces, this gives me a great opportunity to do so.

Layering necklaces is an easy and affordable way to update your accessory wardrobe. I say affordable because chances are, you already have necklaces that you can pair together in your jewelry box but you just haven’t tried yet. Just go by my philosophy: less more is more. And more is always better.

I typically layer my necklaces in one of four ways: 2 Shorts; 2 Shorts + 1 Long; 1 Short + 1 Med/Long; or 2 Longs. Here’s a great diagram showing the typical lengths of necklaces:

Necklace Length Chart

(Here it is on Pinterest if you’d like to pin it and have it for your own use.)

Want some more inspiration? There are some more layering tips here and here on the Stella & Dot style blog.

Do you like to layer jewelry? Which area do you focus your layering–the neck or the arm?

Happy layering!

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