Basket Bundles

Having kids has brought a whole new element to the holidays. Instead of just being a bystander or receiver of gifts and fun, I am now responsible for making the holidays special for a couple of youngsters. And I love it. Since yesterday was Easter, I got to put together Easter Baskets this weekend!

Easter Baskets

I love giving my kids fun stuff but I’m not a big candy person. I know that the older they get (they are only almost-2 and almost-3) the more sweets they will get. But for now they get books, coloring books, balls, stickers, stuffed animals, sippy cups (probably the equivalent of getting clothes at Christmas from a kid’s point-of-view), the movie “Up” (probably more for mommy than them, but they don’t need to know that), and their “sweet” is a box of animal crackers. I’d say they both made out just fine.

Since my son is in a phase where he tries to eat everything (I’m not kidding, hoping this fun ends soon), I try not to give him or my daughter anything he could potentially swallow. Which means this fun goody from Stella & Dot is gonna have to wait for a bit.

Stella & Dot Girl's Line: Poppy Bracelet Set

Pictured: Poppy Bracelet set

But soon my son won’t play the “how much can I fit in my mouth” game and my little girl will get all the fun bling she desires. Just don’t tell her daddy.

Hope you had a hoppy, happy Easter!

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