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So, besides my full-time, never-ending, 40+ hours a week of being a stay-at-home mom, I’m also a Stella & Dot stylist. And this week the Summer Collection was released, introducing totes! I’m kinda in love…the multiple uses for the majority of the bags, the patterns, the color! They are beautiful and I am so ready to start toting them around. Summer, hurry up already!

Stella & Dot Totes!

Pictured: The Getaway (elephant), La Totale Medium (navy ikat), The How Does She Do It (red ikat), Pouf (zebra)

Inside Stella & Dot Elephant Getaway Bag

Pictured: Inside of the Getaway (elephant)

Inside Stella & Dot Navy Ikat La Totale Medium

Pictured: Inside of La Totale Medium (navy ikat)

Inside Stella & Dot Red Ikat How Does She Do It Bag

Pictured: Inside of the How Does She Do It (red ikat)

Stella & Dot Turqoise Ikat Scarf

Pictured: One of our beautiful, light weight summer scarves (Turquoise Ikat)

And one last close up of those adorable little elephants…

Stella & Dot Elephant print

Along with these adorable bags (and more, see them all here), Stella & Dot also released a couple new wallets and some great options for traveling with your jewelry. The Hang On (available in red and navy ikat) and the Bring It (available in multiple patterns) are great options for all those weekend…and longer…getaways. And yes, Stella & Dot did release some jewelry (scroll down for the jewels) with the summer line, but the focus was obviously the bags. But don’t worry, I’ll have photos of the jewels I’m wearing and loving soon!

Which tote is your favorite? I know I’ll be using the How Does She Do It as a diaper bag…it’s the perfect size and so cute! And I can’t get enough of this fun video about our bags. Enjoy!

Happy “tote”-ing around!

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