Pinstripes & Pendants

Most people when they get off work slip into something a little more comfortable. When I get off “work” I like to dress up (which isn’t saying much since this is what I typically am wearing on a day-to-day basis). Sometimes it’s because I have to go to my other “job.” Sometimes it’s because I’m going out with some friends. And sometimes it’s just because I have to get my allergy shots and hit the grocery store on the way home.

Regardless, sometimes going out on the town means putting on your favorite pinstriped jacket…and then adding a fun pendant.

Stella & Dot Sanibel Pendant Necklace, Maya and Gilded Arrow Bracelets, and Odette Ring

Pictured: Sanibel Pendant Necklace and Signature Hoops; Sanibel Pendant, Maya Bracelet (silver) and Odette Ring; Maya Bracelet and Gilded Arrow Bangle

I love the Sanibel Pendant because it has a reversible stone and can be worn long (as shown) or doubled up. So really, it’s 4-necklaces-in-one. I love the versatility and the look of this piece. This will be featured again…it’s too multifaceted to not be!

And the arm party I’m sporting is one I’ve been wearing a lot of–the Maya Bracelet paired with the Gilded Arrow Bangle. I love each of these on their own (and considering I have the Gilded Arrow Bangle in both gold AND silver, it’s pretty evident my adoration of this piece) and especially together. An “arm party” doesn’t have to automatically mean a lot of bracelets or big bangles. I’ve always been a fan of a delicate arm party…either just a couple bracelets or a few delicate pieces worn together.

What type of arm party are you partial to? What do you like to wear when you go out on-the-town? Do you have a favorite go-to item of clothing or jewelry?

Happy accessorizing!

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