To My Son, On the Occasion of Your 2nd Birthday

What a year you’ve had!

You went from being a baby to being a toddler.

You learned to walk, run, and climb. (And somehow managed to climb/jump/dive out of your crib.)

You got your 1st haircut.


You learned how to feed yourself.


You became obsessed with balls, asking for one first thing in the morning (Me: “Good morning, Brando!” You: “Ball. Ball. Ball.”) and then refusing to let go of it at bed time. We quickly learned you can never be without something in your hand; you always have to be carrying a toy. Plus, you discovered that toys taste good and are meant to be bitten, sucked on, or drooled upon.


You started copying your sister…you wanted to be wherever she went, do whatever she was doing.


You realized you could take your sister down…E’s days of pushing you around became numbered. However, eventually you and your sister decided that wrestling (tackling) each other was the best game. Your father and I did not agree, but it’s been a futile battle.

We had our first conversation. It went something like this:

Me: “Please get out of that basket, Brandon.”
You: (with a half-grin, very mischevious look) “No.”
Me: (raised eyebrow, stern look)
You: “Uh-oh.”
Me: (laugh)

You discovered your love for books. Whenever you disappeared, I always seemed to find you sitting amongst a pile of books that you were very diligently paging through.


You learned some really awesome tricks.


My birthday wish for you in the coming year: I wish you days filled with laughter, learning and love; months full of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth; and your year overflowing with memories of family and friends surrounding you in love.

Happy Birthday, baby boy.


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3 Responses to To My Son, On the Occasion of Your 2nd Birthday

  1. Bryna says:

    I almost cried and this is not even my kid! 🙂 Great post, Sara and Happy Birthday Brandon!!

  2. Andi says:

    Aw…love. Brando has changed so much this year. Love seeing his smiling face every morning!!

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