Wordy Elena

The second year of Elena’s life was filled with many milestones. But it was all her words that will forever be imprinted in my memory…and my heart. Here are some of my favorites.

About Mommy & Daddy


“Mommy is Sara and Daddy is a big man.”

“Daddy is a big man and that’s why he can use a big knife.”

“Daddy is a big man and goes to work. Mommy doesn’t work, mommy plays with Elena!”

“Mommy, that’s so sweet of you to help me pick up. You’re a sweet girl. And daddy’s a big man.”

{See a trend? I’m starting to wonder who taught her that…}

E: “Can I have one chip please?”
Me: “Yes, Elena. You may have one chip.”
E:”Ok. And daddy can have lots of chips.”

E: “Today is Happy Mother–I mean–Happy Sara Day!”

The Honest Toddler (aka: Specific E)


Me: “Why did you push Brandon?”
Specific E: “I didn’t push Brandon. I tackled him.”

As I’m attempting a lesson on the difference between good girls (someone who shares) and bad girls (someone who pushes), specific E says, “Well, actually, I’m a bad girl.”

While I’m preparing lunch, specific E says, “Mommy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are yummy, not delicious.”

Snotty Miss E

Dancing E

When asking E to do something, E responds (after a big sigh), “Well, if that’s what you want…”

Me: “Elena, can you please be a little quieter?
E: “No, I don’t have to be quiet. Brandon’s awake.”

Daddy: “Sweet dreams, I love you very much.” (leans in to kiss)
E: “Thanks.”
Then I kiss her and she proceeds to wipe the area with her hand and says, “Get it off!”

Me: “You can’t take toys away from your friends. Elena, do you hear me?”
E: “I don’t want to hear you.”


Bossy E

E: “Norah, can you give me a hug?”
And when her friend Norah leans in, E says: “Ok, now open your arms and squeeze.”


“Brandon, go in the living room. I’m playing here.”

“I neeeeeeeeeeeeed _______” (fill-in-the-blank with anything anyone within eyesight has)


Jokster E

I call Alice “baby Alice” or Ali (since that is the way the kids refer to her). One day Elena approached her and said, “Hi baby Ali! I mean ali-gator. Hahaha! Mommy, she’s an alligator!”



Me: “Ok, time to pick up!”
E: “I want to play for a couple, little bit longer.”


And my absolute favorite:

“Mommy, I can’t sing. But I can fly.”

May you always have that spirit, my baby girl. Always believe you can fly. Because you can. Happy Birthday.

Tinkerbell E


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  1. Andi says:

    LOVE! Happy Birthday ELENA!!!

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