Storming into Summer

Last week officially marked the beginning of summer. And then, the very next day, a huge summer storm swept through my area and knocked down trees (including our lovely pear tree) and left many of us powerless for 3 days. So, while it was a crazy start to summer, we’re all cleaned up and I’m ready to move on and enjoy the next few months. It’s time for some fun in the sun!

With the beginning of a new season comes a shift in how I wear my accessories. I still wear necklaces but I find I gravitate towards bold earrings and stacked arm parties. What better time of year to show off all those beautiful statement earrings I have (thanks to Stella & Dot) than when I’m constantly putting my hair up to keep it off my neck? I have a blank canvas that’s ready to be painted. (Necklaces are great for this, too, I just find on those really hot and humid days I can handle bold earrings but a statement necklace tends to feel really heavy.)

And then there’s my wrist. Short sleeve shirts, tank tops, strapless dresses…all are practically begging for some extra accessorizing on the arm. When it’s really hot, I still keep it relatively light, but I’m not afraid to go bold. Here are some of my favorite arm parties of the past few months.

Lots and Lots of Stella & Dot Arm Parties

All bracelets pictured are Stella & Dot. See them all, and more, HERE.

PLUS, I’m running a promotion right now that has a way to get one of these bracelets for FREE. See my Facebook page for more information.

Stella & Dot Bracelets

I hope your summer started better than mine, but here’s to looking ahead to a fabulous season full of blue skies, bright sun, and fabulous arm parties!

Happy accessorizing!

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2 Responses to Storming into Summer

  1. Whitney says:

    Love this! Big watches are my weakness. Also love wearing lots of bracelets at once.

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