Birthday Bling

Since my kids are 11 months apart, we tend to have one birthday party for both of them. I imagine as they grow older we will need to do individual parties, but, for now, we are taking advantage of their proximity.

For such an important day, I obviously needed to wear something special. So here it is, my ultimate, absolute, no question about it, favorite necklace I own.

Stella & Dot Serenity Necklace

Pictured: Stella & Dot Serenity Necklace

I’m always happy when I wear it…even when I’m debating which chambray top/jacket to wear over my bright maxi.

Stella & Dot Serenity Necklace & Avalon Hoops

Pictured: Stella & Dot Serenity Necklace and Avalon Hoops

I was also hoping the name would wear off on me…birthday parties are anything but “serene.”

Happy accessorizing!

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Spring Awakening

One of the best things about living in Minnesota is the changing of the seasons.

Since Minnesota is lucky enough to have 4 seasons, there’s a true appreciation for when it’s time to move on to the next.

That’s not to say we Minnesotans will stay happy and content. Oh, no. Just wait until that humidity starts climbing and the mosquitos start biting or there’s too many rainy days in a row (especially on a weekend) and you’ll here all the complaints and gripes.

But right now, Minnesota and I are in love. And how do I show my love? By dressing in some of my brightly colored accessories and soaking up the sun during an afternoon outing.


Pictured: Stella & Dot Capri Chandelier Earrings


Pictured: Stella & Dot How Does She Do It (Red Ikat)

How Does She Do It, w/ Chelsea Tech Wallet (Black Snake) and Pouf (Zebra)

Pictured: Stella & Dot How Does She Do It, Chelsea Tech Wallet (black snake), and Pouf (zebra)

Stella & Dot Mary Margaret Ring, Gilded Arrow Bangle, and Spirit Bracelet

Pictured: Stella & Dot Mary Margaret Ring, Gilded Arrow Bangle, and Spirit Bracelet

And I can’t forget the accessory I never go anywhere without. In pink, of course.


Pictured: Iced Passion Tea, unsweetened

I hope you have an extra spring in your step today, as I do. What’s your favorite season?

Happy Spring!

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To My Son, On the Occasion of Your 2nd Birthday

What a year you’ve had!

You went from being a baby to being a toddler.

You learned to walk, run, and climb. (And somehow managed to climb/jump/dive out of your crib.)

You got your 1st haircut.


You learned how to feed yourself.


You became obsessed with balls, asking for one first thing in the morning (Me: “Good morning, Brando!” You: “Ball. Ball. Ball.”) and then refusing to let go of it at bed time. We quickly learned you can never be without something in your hand; you always have to be carrying a toy. Plus, you discovered that toys taste good and are meant to be bitten, sucked on, or drooled upon.


You started copying your sister…you wanted to be wherever she went, do whatever she was doing.


You realized you could take your sister down…E’s days of pushing you around became numbered. However, eventually you and your sister decided that wrestling (tackling) each other was the best game. Your father and I did not agree, but it’s been a futile battle.

We had our first conversation. It went something like this:

Me: “Please get out of that basket, Brandon.”
You: (with a half-grin, very mischevious look) “No.”
Me: (raised eyebrow, stern look)
You: “Uh-oh.”
Me: (laugh)

You discovered your love for books. Whenever you disappeared, I always seemed to find you sitting amongst a pile of books that you were very diligently paging through.


You learned some really awesome tricks.


My birthday wish for you in the coming year: I wish you days filled with laughter, learning and love; months full of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth; and your year overflowing with memories of family and friends surrounding you in love.

Happy Birthday, baby boy.

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Pinstripes & Pendants

Most people when they get off work slip into something a little more comfortable. When I get off “work” I like to dress up (which isn’t saying much since this is what I typically am wearing on a day-to-day basis). Sometimes it’s because I have to go to my other “job.” Sometimes it’s because I’m going out with some friends. And sometimes it’s just because I have to get my allergy shots and hit the grocery store on the way home.

Regardless, sometimes going out on the town means putting on your favorite pinstriped jacket…and then adding a fun pendant.

Stella & Dot Sanibel Pendant Necklace, Maya and Gilded Arrow Bracelets, and Odette Ring

Pictured: Sanibel Pendant Necklace and Signature Hoops; Sanibel Pendant, Maya Bracelet (silver) and Odette Ring; Maya Bracelet and Gilded Arrow Bangle

I love the Sanibel Pendant because it has a reversible stone and can be worn long (as shown) or doubled up. So really, it’s 4-necklaces-in-one. I love the versatility and the look of this piece. This will be featured again…it’s too multifaceted to not be!

And the arm party I’m sporting is one I’ve been wearing a lot of–the Maya Bracelet paired with the Gilded Arrow Bangle. I love each of these on their own (and considering I have the Gilded Arrow Bangle in both gold AND silver, it’s pretty evident my adoration of this piece) and especially together. An “arm party” doesn’t have to automatically mean a lot of bracelets or big bangles. I’ve always been a fan of a delicate arm party…either just a couple bracelets or a few delicate pieces worn together.

What type of arm party are you partial to? What do you like to wear when you go out on-the-town? Do you have a favorite go-to item of clothing or jewelry?

Happy accessorizing!

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A Sip Away From Serenity

I recently read about a study that found our bodies anticipate the effects of beer before it even has time to get into our blood. Basically, once you take as little as a sip of beer, the brain releases dopamine (a hormone associated with rewarding activities).

I found this fascinating. How many times after an exhausting day do you just want to sit back with a cold one? And, the moment you do, don’t you immediately feel better?

And, more importantly, has this been studied with coffee? Because until I take my first sip of coffee in the morning I’m not a human being. I’m just a blob walking blindly through my house, stumbling around until my lips touch that brown liquid for the first time.

And after that, I’m Supermom.


E Bed Head


E Happy

(All pictures are just examples, no coffee was sampled by the 1 year-old E in the top picture and almost 3 year-old E in the bottom. Just in case anyone was concerned.)


Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

Happy coffee/beer/tea/wine/any other pleasure-inducing beverage drinking!

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Summer-Winter Mash-Up

Is it April rain showers that bring May flowers? Or snow showers?

Because it’s Arpil. And supposedly it’s spring. And it snowed last week.

Some spring.

Regardless, I just received all my summer samples and I had to add a pop of color even though I was also wearing my winter hat.

Stella & Dot Palm Springs Scarf (Turquoise Ikat), Nahla Necklace, & Serenity Stone Drop Earrings (Aqua)

Pictured: Serenity Stone Drops (Aqua), Palm Springs Scarf (Turquoise Ikat) & Nahla Necklace

Stella & Dot Serenity Stone Drops (Aqua) and Palm Springs Scarf (Turquoise Ikat)

Stella & Dot Serenity Stone Drops (Aqua) & Palm Springs Scarf (Turquoise Ikat)

And, of course, a little arm party was necessary.

Stella & Dot Maya Bracelet (Labradorite) and the Gilded Arrow Bangle

Pictured: The Maya Bracelet (labradorite) and The Gilded Arrow Bracelet (silver)

I’m so excited for summer–warm days, BBQs, pool/splash pad time, a trip to Vegas (thanks to Stella & Dot), and bright, fun accessories to wear to everything! Oh, and don’t forget those fabulous totes I’ll be using to carry around all my kids’ stuff and all my jewels!

What’s your favorite part of summer?

Happy accessorizing!

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Bag Lady

So, besides my full-time, never-ending, 40+ hours a week of being a stay-at-home mom, I’m also a Stella & Dot stylist. And this week the Summer Collection was released, introducing totes! I’m kinda in love…the multiple uses for the majority of the bags, the patterns, the color! They are beautiful and I am so ready to start toting them around. Summer, hurry up already!

Stella & Dot Totes!

Pictured: The Getaway (elephant), La Totale Medium (navy ikat), The How Does She Do It (red ikat), Pouf (zebra)

Inside Stella & Dot Elephant Getaway Bag

Pictured: Inside of the Getaway (elephant)

Inside Stella & Dot Navy Ikat La Totale Medium

Pictured: Inside of La Totale Medium (navy ikat)

Inside Stella & Dot Red Ikat How Does She Do It Bag

Pictured: Inside of the How Does She Do It (red ikat)

Stella & Dot Turqoise Ikat Scarf

Pictured: One of our beautiful, light weight summer scarves (Turquoise Ikat)

And one last close up of those adorable little elephants…

Stella & Dot Elephant print

Along with these adorable bags (and more, see them all here), Stella & Dot also released a couple new wallets and some great options for traveling with your jewelry. The Hang On (available in red and navy ikat) and the Bring It (available in multiple patterns) are great options for all those weekend…and longer…getaways. And yes, Stella & Dot did release some jewelry (scroll down for the jewels) with the summer line, but the focus was obviously the bags. But don’t worry, I’ll have photos of the jewels I’m wearing and loving soon!

Which tote is your favorite? I know I’ll be using the How Does She Do It as a diaper bag…it’s the perfect size and so cute! And I can’t get enough of this fun video about our bags. Enjoy!

Happy “tote”-ing around!

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